Chuck Roast over cooked

I cooked a chuck roast @ 155 for 24 hours. Taste was amazing but it was still pretty tough when I went back to re heat and sear it. Any advice how I can avoid this in the future? Everything else I cooked to date has been spot on like Ribs, Chicken and steaks, so I was pretty confident this would be perfect. It was Grass Fed so not as much fat. Not sure if this contributed.

Hey @Jimorr11! It’s hard to pinpoint, but I often do chuck up to 48 hours.Lot of variables in play, and not having as much fat is definitely going to impact the final result. Maybe try 48 next time and see the difference!

Maybe not cooked long enough. Could try adding another 12-24 hours. I’m thinking that maybe it didn’t have enough “braising” time to soften up, rather that actually being overcooked.


That’s exactly it, in my opinion. Undercooked and tough often gets mistaken for overcooked and tough.


Thank you, I will try a much longer approach next time.

An update to my issue, I just cooked another Grass Fed Sirloin Roast and left it in for 35 hours@ 145.5! The result was far better. I didn’t add any additional fat, just rosemary and seasoning. It was amazing and tender and made its own gravy with the addition of butter.

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A chuck roast that remains tough after a long Anova precision cooking session can be easily tenderized by steaming it 10 minutes with the Instant Pot Steam function (without pressure) (or any other steaming method of your choice for that matter).