My timer did not count down on the app on my Samsung Android tablet. Also the timer did not beat me on the device itself to tell me it was done.

The timer on the APC isn’t going to do anything other than beep incessantly anyway. 99% of things cooked sous vide are not time critical. That’s one of the reasons for using sous vide. For the other things, fish and seafood and, to a lesser degree, eggs you are much better off using the standalone timer on your phone.

Same here. The app starts. It beeps me when the water hits temp. And when I click start, the timer doesn’t go down but here is a stop button to stop it…
The timer on the actual machine doesn’t do anything either… I always have to set an manual Timmer on my cook. It’s retarded. The wifi also never connects properly either. Who cooks 5 feet from the router?

Anova have repeatedly shown themselves to be incapable of implementing a working timer. This time is no different.

The Wifi doesn’t work properly, the Bluetooth drops, and the timer doesn’t work… I wonder why I spent all that extra $$s on what ended up being a “basic” sou vide machine?!