UK based / Europe (Aldi lidl) cheap "parfait" brand jars

Every xmas both Aldi & Lidl europe stock pates in parfait jars.
Every new year they reduce the excess unsold.

The jars are typically the expensive parfait brand from france. which depending on the contents (designed to be stored as “preserves” often contrary to the BBE dates given by nature of vacuum sealing etc…

Currently 200g jar of various pates are down to £1.99 which is cheaper than buying a new empty jar.
Lidl will have done the same, usually with the likes of salmon pate.

Not sure if it really is parfait brand? the clue is in the small raised dimples encircling the rim of the lid, likely once you remove the sticker on the lid you can make out the parfait logo.

Also on the lower outside is the embossed spec reading 200-250ml capacity (it is tiny, but there) matching my previous purchases which are indeed “le parfait” brand now is the time to pounce they are “technically” short dated :rofl:

Hope this assists anyone who preserves / stores / makes up test blends etc…