Unit keeps stopping

I have had my Anova Culinary for a few months. From the very beginning it has been unstable, and often switches off every few minutes when I start using it. Eventually, it will run uniterupted, but it may take a dozen attempts and half an hour to get there. Not pleasant.
Since I live in a remote area and got the Anova through international mail, I have not bothered to try to have it exchanged. I would however like to know if other people have been experiencing this problem. My current thinking is that this mostly occurs when the water is heating up, but I could be wrong.
But I love sous vide cooking :slight_smile:

@Freyr Glad to hear you’re a sous vide fan!! We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with your device and we don’t want your machine to keep you from enjoying sous vide. Is it an Anova One of a Precision Cooker? Have you noticed a pattern in more frequent occurrence when setting it to different temps? I’ve heard of a few similar cases with shut-off, but this seems a little more extreme than most I’ve come across.

This is definitely frustrating and we don’t want you to have anything less than a great experience cooking with your Anova device. Could you please send this to our support team at support@anovaculinary.com so we can get a replacement unit for you?

Here’s a note I sent to Anova a while ago (so, yes, other people are having the same problem you are).

I picked up a Anova immersion heater from you guys a couple of years ago. It’s really great. I don’t use it much, but when I do It’s bags of fun. I see you’ve got a new model now (it looks a bit different from the one I have).

Anyway, it’s started acting weird. It keeps shutting off for no reason. It’s not throwing the breaker or caused by power fluctuations. It just seems to time out or something. It’s not the timer setting. It’s not over or under filled. Nothing is clogged anywhere. Nothing is inside the element housing that shouldn’t be there. The plugs are plugged in firmly. It’s firmly attached to the pot, so it’s not wiggling. The power is still on on the screen but it’s just stopped. I can turn it back on easily by touching the screen (it goes to black), and it saves my temperature settings, so it’s not fully shutting off (I don’t need to press the power switch). This happens whether or not I use the timer, but if I do use the timer the time is set back to zero. It happens irregularly after 10 to 60 minutes, completely unpredictable.

It’s kind of annoying because I have to check on it frequently and restart it. Not so good for long cooking times. It’s okay for a few hours but obviously I can’t leave it cook while I go to town or to bed or whatever.

Anyway, I thought you should know in case it’s useful for product development/improvement or something.

Mine looks like this one

They said I could have $25 off my the purchase of my next model.

Sorry, I expect appliances to work for a very long time, not just a few times, regardless of how long I’ve owned them. I won’t be buying another one.

I think the problem is the electronic components. It would be way better, easier to use, and longer lasting, with old fashioned switches and dials. Seriously, no one cares about switching it on over the internet.

I’m having the same issue (though I’ve had my unit for 2 years). It’s pretty irritating when you want to cook something overnight and it just stops (though it’s still on) several hours in.