Using 220V International model in 110/120V countries (like the US)?

Hey community, we live across both 220/240V countries (UK/Germany/Australia) and in the US. For this reason I bought the international model (220V/AU) thinking it’s safer to have a unit that can withstand the higher voltage and use a simple step up converter when in the US. I’m finding it really hard to find one that isn’t both step up/step down AND light enough to travel with.

Anova, your device is 800W and needs a minimum of 1500W to startup and operate continuously. What product can you recommend for me to buy so we can use our brand new machine here in the US? Or would you recommend we return this one and buy a 120V/US Anova and use a step down converter when in 220-240V countries? Owning both units is impractical for us, and it seems that buying this is also crazy!