Using Anova complaint

I have just deleted your app from my phone. Your new sign in requirement is ridiculous!!! And requiring a sophisticated password would make you think I was banking rather than using a cooking device! Get real will you? This is taking things way too far and I won’t be part of it!!

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It’s for your own good. You wouldn’t want anyone hacking your pot roast now would you?

@fightersquadron thx for the feedback on the updated app. Right now the only way to access the app is to create a login. This way we’ll be able to get you more cool features. Btw - you do have the option of using the device manually w/o the app.

Let me be the first to thank you guys for letting me continue to be able to control my APC manually without logging in!! This crucial consideration allows me to still feel like the customer instead of the product being sold. So long as you’re squandering brand equity and goodwill with your customers, maybe in the next release you can just limit my cook temperatures to 100° until I log in. That would be awesome.

Agreed. I won’t upgrade the app as it requires me to log in… So many accounts, so many log-ins, all I want to do is cook my food!!

Just also wanted to note that implementing user accounts is the first step for us to bring all of you and our passionate users highly requested features. Because of the app update, we’ll be able to bring in voice control, multi-device control, the ability to save your own recipes, and in-app customer support. If you guys wanna learn more about it, here’s the blog post:

For the sake of Anova…who obviously check it’s forums, I have succumbed to their way of thinking. First off, I have been bombarded with responses from Anova personnel, trying to explain why it’s necessary to have the whole sign in procedure. Kudos to Anova and their top notch customer service. Of course I still don’t understand the need for it, but after cooking my dinner without the app (which was super easy) I had the time, and inclination, to create an account. I must say, using Alexa the way it was explained, is completely ridiculous. Social interaction has completely gotten out of control! Nothing more to be said other than I love my Anova…I just wish these companies would stop going overboard with their IT bits and pieces.

What about clap on and clap off control?

Some of us want a special feature for the clap.

Wait, that didn’t come out quite right…

All the new features sound wonderful for those that want them, but for the others, how about making logging into an account optional?

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