Happy Finger-lickin' Friday!

Hey fam! I hope all of your cooks went delicious this week.

If you had any questions, learning experiences, or really tasty dishes you want to throw into the conversation mix - please do!

Yes, you lurkers can contribute too (I see you!) :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

A question I thought about:
Do you think having this community accessible via mobile would be cool to have?

Isn’t it already? I’ve only been to this forum a handful of times on my computer.

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You can access the website on your phone but I was thinking something a little more accessible like an app.

Is this going to stay active or is the focus going to move to Facebook?

Yeah it’ll stay active!

I primarily access this forum on my cellphone. What benefits would an app bring?

I’m not trying to be negative, and I’m open to the idea, it just seems a bit superfluous in my mind.

That said, if there were real benefits to using the app, I would use it.

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Much like Mr Ego, I really don’t see the point of going for a standalone app for the forum. I mean, there are various forum apps like tapper type out there, but it’s just as easy to use a web browser.

It’d be much better seeing the development time (and cost) put into furthering the development on the control apps etc. It’s seriously painful having 2 cooks in the house and only being able to pair the APC to one device.

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I feel that Anova would be better served by spending their resources on the actual devices and the software/apps for it rather than squandering them on a mobile app for a forum that only gets like 8 posts a day.

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If you’re currently using an internet app (chrome, firefox, a stock internet browser, etc) on your phone, how would it become more accessible with a stand alone app?

Hey guys! Thanks for your input. I think all of the responses are fair and they make sense. Let me know if there’s anything at all you’d love to see in the community! I am all ears.

Nah - not negative at all. Thanks for your input! I understand where you’re coming from.

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@acs We’re constantly improving and changing things for better usability for the apps and devices (user feedback helps us with that A LOTTT). No worries - that’s still a primary focus. Also, the forum might be small and cozy right now, but there’s a lot more #AnovaFoodNerd love to go around. Have faith mannnn. :stuck_out_tongue::heart_eyes:

You really need to spend money on improving the testing/qualifying department. If you even have one.