Using the probe in a hot oven

Today I did my first cook with the probe. I tried it out on a chicken leg. I heated the oven to 185°C (365°F) and 80% steam. I set the probe temperature to 83°C (181°F).

When the oven was preheated I realized that I had still to open the cap of the probe port and insert the probe. As the oven was quite hot I was a bit worried as I obviously don’t want to burn my hand.

After I plugged in the probe I had to insert it into the leg. After cooking I had to remove the probe again from the meat, each time a risk of burning myself, and little room to manouvrate.

So I wondered, how do others do that? Not at high temperature, taking more time to reach desired meat temperature?

I usually insert the probe into the meat cold, and plug it into the oven when I put the meat in the oven. I do the second part of that carefully.

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Like @JoeInOttawa says - put the probe in the right place in the food before putting the food in the oven.

I also tend to unplug the silicone cap for the preheat.

Then I just use a tea towel/cloth to cover my hand and fingers to grab the probe plug and stick it in the socket if I’m feeling cautious. Or wish I’d done so if I’m feeling daring and get sizzled on the oven wall.