Using WiFi to send recipes while at work

Hi all

Loving the Anova app and cooker so far, this is more a question about food safety and cooking while at work.

I was thinking of sending a job via wifi to the cooker, and this works fine for me. Its more about where is the food when I send the job? If nobodys at home, I assume I’d have to bag and seal the food and leave it in the cooking vessel when I leave for work, and later in the day sending the job to the cooker so its ready when i get home. But this would mean leaving the food at room temperature for a few hours until I send the job request, is this safe?

I suppose I could put the food in the vessel in the morning while frozen, so its defrosting in the bag in the water for part of the day, but still be at room temp for an hour or two before the cooker is started .

Any tips? Thanks :slight_smile:

You want to put the food in an ice bath, so it stays below 40F. You can even start frozen to ensure this. Then, a few hours before you’re home just flip it on and the Anova will come to temp and eventually melt the ice!

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There’s a lot of good information available here about various vessels, ratio of ice, etc,

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Thanks guys, great answers so far