Advice on cooking frozen food

Hi, I just got this today and pretty excited to try it out. Anyone who can share some experience/advice/suggestions on cooking some frozen food? Also, I’d like to use it while I’m at work so that I can have my dinner when I get in. Thanks!


I suggest you peruse the posts here to gain a solid understanding of how to properly use your new cooking tool. There is ample helpful information for you, even on cooking frozen food. You need to do the work required to competently cook using sous vide.

The Anova WiFi is an excellent device for cooking while you are gone to work. I have been cooking using ice baths before it was actually available in the app. It is very easy to use. Sometimes my meat is frozen but more often, it is refrigerated. I use the ice bath notification to keep the meat below 40º F until I am ready to start the cook. It works very well.

While the pics included show me using a counter top container, using a modified cooler is even better. Rather than buying ice, I suggest freezing ice blocks in the freezer.

Tip that I learned is to stir the ice and water to get the reading down to 40º before starting the ice bath. Otherwise the ice bath notification turns itself off as unsuccessful after a few seconds.

Welcome to the #anovafoodnerd family! There’s loads of information on here, so I definitely reccommend sifting thorugh some of our threads.

Here’s some general threads about cooking from frozen to get you started:
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