water tank size

I ran my oven at 134 F sous vide mode 100% steam. After 24 hours, the water almost didn’t dropped in the tank. Is this correct? If it is normal(I think yes, the cooking food has no problem), why does it need so big water tank? waste of space

Welcome @Kene

I am interested in the response to your question and its premise.

In SV mode at that low temperature 100% means 100% RH and the APO doesn’t use a lot of water as it’s not venting a lot. At temperature above 100 C the percentage indicates how hard the steam generator is working and you’ll use more water. I like that I don’t have to fill the tank more often.

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So, to sum up @Ragnhild’s comment, yes, perfectly normal.


Thanks Joe, I forgot the conclusion :sunglasses:

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Hi Kene! This sounds totally normal when cooking in sous vide mode since the oven does not need to work constantly to create steam once the proper humidity has been reached since the oven itself is nicely sealed. Where you will see the water get used faster is cooking at high temps with constant steam injection (say 425F/100% steam), since that is based on constant output of a chosen % rather than a set humidity level.

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“ I like that I don’t have to fill the tank more often.” great point, how often do you change the water. I worry if it will be bad for too long

thank you, I will try higher temps

It goes weeks between refilling, and even more between cleaning it. I use distilled water and have yet to see any sign of bio activity in the tank. I use it every day, often multiple times.

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Great so no worries, I basically change it once a week and don’t fill it up