What happen to my ordered precision cooker?

I did order a precision cooker on 23-Nov.  When I ordered, system said delivery within 1-2 business days.  Now, over 1 week passed, I still got nothing.  My order number is #188826 and this is a 220V UK precision cooker that should be delivered to Hong Kong.  

I did sent email to ANOVA and got notification saying that I will be replied within 24 hours.  Now, a few days passed and I still get no answer.  Is anyone here can help to check where is my precision cooker and when will it be delivered?  It seems that ANOVA has a lot pending delivery orders and many people keep waiting.  But, please let me know how is the status.  The order status screen showing same thing since the day I bought the cooker.  There is no use at all.  How can I know exactly what the status is?

same here 

I faced the same prob, emailed twice but no response. I read some of the response of the previous thread, seems like it is a common problem people faced

Here is my two cents for what is it worth. I ordered the Anova Precision Cooker and paid extra for the one day shipping… DO NOT DO IT!!! It will take more than one day.  After chatting with Anova via their online chat support they say that it takes 2-3 days to process. It says nothing about 2-3 day processing when you are placing your order. It says “One Business Day Shipping”. Do not waist your money on the fast shipping.

The delivery of ANOVA is really a nightmare.  My cooker status changed to “shipped” yesterday but I still haven’t got it until now. The promise of 1-2 business day delivery is really bullshit.

Please be patient and considerate!

I have the same situation with you.
According to community in other place, everyone seems got their product within 2 weeks.
Give times for staff to handle huge amount of deals orders.

Same Here!!!!!

My order number is #190265 dated 24.11.2015 with TWO 220V UK precision cooker that should be delivered to Hong Kong via TGX.

Two days ago, I got reply from ANOVA saying that it will be delivered tomorrow (i.e. yesterday).  However, I still got no tracking number until now.  Really unbelievable!