What was the first thing you cooked?

My first cook with SV Anova Precision® Cooker was … sugared honey :upside_down_face:
I had glass jar with remaining rocky sugared honey at the bottom, and SV it at 40 C / 104 F for 3 hours, mixing up in between
Finally honey became liquid :wink:

Congratulations Ken, you saved yourself an expensive trip to the French Laundry to enjoy Chef Thomas Keller’s Poached Salmon using that technique.

Although he uses a filet, yours was still exceptional.

The first thing I cooked was a Omelet which was a fail, sad.

Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear that your first attempt was not a blazing success. Not sure an omelette is something I’d actually try to sous vide. Scrambled eggs work well, particularly if you like the loose, creamy variety with little or no curd.

How about trying a simple chicken breast? I like 140F for at least 2 hrs (longer required for very thick breasts) but others prefer the more traditional finish that you’ll get from 145-150F. Just salt and pepper to finish. I don’t sear and am more likely to finish with a sauce or chill it for use in a salad.

Beef Rib Eye… because it "used to be my favorite cut. However, since getting hooked on SV, I almost never eat Rib Eye anymore. Too expensive, especially when you consider that I can now make beef Picanha steaks, for half the price, even more tasty, and tender to the point of falling apart, fork tender… which I feel is actually too tender, so I have to be careful not to over do it :slight_smile: