When hot, the shelves won't slide

My Precision Oven arrived two days ago and, so far, it seems excellent with respect to cooking.

However, when hot, it is extremely difficult to slide the shelves in or out.

There is expansion of either the shelves or the sides that reduces the clearance.

Is there a way around this?

I have to bang the shelves in with the palms of both hands, using the door to force the final inch in. But only when hot. Is this normal?

It’s not perfect, but acceptable when cold, however.

What do you suggest?

I have not seen this reported before. Anova Support should comment during the work week.

Ash, unfortunately heated metal expands reducing what sound like already too tight tolerances. Have you contacted Support at the link above?

You might try applying a little powdered graphite lubricant to the shelf supports. It works like having tiny ball bearings in there. A move of desperation might be to dress the shelve’s outside edges with emery cloth to remove a few microns of metal. Of course it will destroy the shelves’ plated finish.

All the success possible in getting that annoyance resolved.

Keep well.

Thank you for the reply.

I could resolve this by taking a grinder to the shelf.

However, it shouldn’t be delivered like this.

It says a lot about the quality control and design that the expansion of metal wasn’t taken into account.

I know for sure that my wife wouldn’t be able to move the shelves at all.

Very disappointed.

This is normal. Metal expands as it heats. If you have concerns we can help! support@anovaculinary.com

Thank you for the reply.

Are you saying this is normal for the Anova oven or for ovens generally?

I have never had an oven before where the shelves cannot be removed or inserted when hot.

This is a design flaw.

You are using dissimilar metals. Hence the problem.

If mine is faulty then I would like it replaced.

If they are all like this, and it is an Anove ‘feature’ then a return and refund will be great.