Whining Nano

Just usiing my nano for the first time. It does produce a rather distinct whining sound. Not really loud but definitely annoying. I am hoping that will go away with time. Included in the package was a kitchen magnet with suggested times and temp. It list pork chops at 140 F for 2 hours? Is that correct since its seems a bit long.


Mine makes a high-pitched whining noise too. Not sure if this is normal, so I submitted a ticket to support.

For pork chops, an hour should be fine if they are not frozen. I usually freeze pork chops in bags ready-to-go for sous vide, then sous vide them directly from the freezer for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Anova replaced my Nano, and the new one is much quieter. Very happy with it, thanks Anova.

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Don, there’s no correct about it.
It’s up to you and the texture you enjoy the most.

If you want more chew, then use less time. All but the thickest pork chops will be cooked through in an hour.

Time-wise two hours is in the middle between raw and 4-hours and getting noticeably overdone, or at least getting so soft that i consider it unpleasant, but not necessarily wrong for some folks.

Just received my NANO in Australia. High-pitched whine, very annoying, have applied to return it. My original ANOVA is super quiet. Build quality of the NANO (especially the clamp) is pretty flimsy too. On my experience, don’t get one of these if you already have the original precision cooker.

You’re definitely not supposed to hear a high-pitched whine. The Nano is actually supposed to be much quieter than the older APC model. We also worked hard to actually get the clamp super reliable - I would love to hear more about what made the clamp flimsy in your experience. Also, thank you for reaching out to support regarding your unit - we’ll definitely help you out with that unit!!

Can anyone provide a video clip with sound demonstrating what a correctly working Nano supposed to sound like? I’ve gone through 5 nanos with Support and they’ve all sound the same.

The guys at “Sous Vide Everything” did an excellent review of the Nano. I don’t personally have a Nano, but I think the unit they reviewed is representative of a “correctly working Nano”. Jump to 3:00 to hear their sound comparison.

yes, my unit sounds a lot like the one in the video. In this thread someone also asked if the sound at the 3:00 mark sounded normal and Alyssa says it wasn’t and should be replaced. I’ve asked support if they can provide a video of a “normal” sounding nano but they won’t do it. I just need a baseline to compare the units to.

Well I’d like to second the ask for a video of the units sound during normal operation!

I’ll make a video today

Hi Alyssa, were you able to get around to this?

Hey guys sorry for the delay.

Because there have been a lot of questions about how the Nano should sound when in use, I want to address it. I verified with our team that the Nano is not noiseless.

Typically you will hear the Nano working when you are standing close to it. However, it should sound more like white noise in the background when you are talking, when there are other sounds in the same room, or if you are not near the Nano. Note, the Nano does not share the same noise as our older models do. Also, the Nano should not be disruptive or produce loud, unbearable or high-pitched whistle noises.

Below is a video that will give you an ideal of what your Nano might sound like. Please note, this is how it sounds on a phone mic when relatively close to the Nano. Sounds will be a little bit different in real life. If you have additional concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team at support@anovaculinary.com

Thank you Alyssa. This video has helped my decision.

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You’re welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Is there a fix for this? Mine is pretty audible, it can be heard easily from 25’ away. Its the exact frequency as the videos above, but higher volume.

It won’t go away! Just learn to love it! :joy:

2 hours won’t harm your chops, promise!

If anyone in this thread or anyone reading this thread is experiencing a rather loud, unbearable noise coming from any of their Anova Precision Cookers, including the Nano model - please reach out to us at support@anovaculinary.com.

Just some info that might be helpful:
If you have an older model of the APC, here’s a support article regarding some noises you might here from your unit and how to fix it.

Closing this thread as it has been solved.