Who will take the step toward the next Connected Steam Oven

You seem to have a number of unresolved issues which you want to vent as publicly as possible and that is understandable.

The title of this topic is “Who will take the step toward the next Connected Steam Oven” This is about a future direction, so not sure it is the appropriate place to find solutions to any of your past and ongoing complaints. Community boards become dysfunctional and largely abandoned when every topic is steered into broad ranging negativity.

Perhaps initiate respectful discussion on your specific gripes, That would provide better focus for contributors as well as for Anova product managers and designers. Nothing can undo users’ past bad experiences, constructive criticism would be an easier read for all concerned.

Thanks Frank!

Not sure why I didn’t get a notification that you’d posted a response here, but fortunately I caught it while scrolling! Thanks for the info - now it’s time to do a little research! :slight_smile:

I was responding to franck’s post of 30 September.
My second response was to clearly answer your question/lack of understanding my initial response.

Yes, a steam oven would be of great interest.
Yes, they have software and customer service issues which could be improved.
My concern is not to “be an easier read” but to speak to other member’s concerns here, in this thread.
I am neither an apologist for Anova, nor a troll looking to cause disruption; I am sorry that you thought I was not being respectful.
Thank you for your considered response; If you have further concerns please direct them to an Admin or Moderator here.

My issues are fully resolved.

Do you have any further information/updates on whether this will be strictly a steam oven or a combi-oven?
My most recent call (now 3 weeks ago) with a very nice second tier customer service representative revealed only that things were progressing well, in advance of a public announcement, but he had no further details for me on oven volume or other functions the oven may have.

Combi oven: https://youtu.be/bMiCCZt4P3M

I’m really excited about the oven but also scared that they are going to rely too much on an app. Given their history with the sous video app, I’m a little worried. If the app if fully 100% optional, that will be great.

Also, take a look at this guy complaining about his steam oven: https://youtu.be/bD7IL-k-dxg

He’s over the top but actually makes some good points about the product not being designed from the customers point of view. I think that’s the main problem with the app and can see those same issues appearing in the oven.

Indeed this is the main issue in many new connected products, the app gimmicks overtakes the efforts required to really make a great product design