Why am I so intimidated?

@RhondaK - Before I started using my APC I had read the article about “this is how you cook” and food safety, so I was (somewhat) prepared for that one. Although I wasn’t prepared for the different texture of my salmon - and it took my brain a bit to realize that yes, it was cooked through. It was just different to the way I’ve had (and done so myself) prepared in the past.

The water level on - yes! Especially when I opened the box and realized how much larger the cooker was than I thought it would be. (Do I have any pots that large. It wasn’t until a week or so later than I realized that it has a min / max line on it so yes I do have a pot I can use.

And the bags - what’s with that! The first couple of videos I watched had people clipping bags to the side of the pan / pot. Then I saw one with a food saver - okay, this I’m down with; my food saver and I have been in a loving relationship for years, so that did help get me started.

It will get used again…though I’m not certain I can get my husband past the texture; but I’ll work on that!

No worries on the pool puns - I think terms like “water bath” kind of lends itself to that - plus I’m an incorrigible punster; so doesn’t take much to encourage me.

Thanks @Mirozen. I think the perfectionist side of my personality was rearing its ugly head because I had read that extra time wouldn’t hurt my food, but I really wanted to make AMAZING food. If I was investing the time in cooking it this way, I didn’t want it to be a little soft - I wanted it to be perfect. Knowing that it won’t impact my results that much helps a lot. Thanks for sharing the tips and the encouragement. So far, the two things I made (chicken breast and pork chops) turned out okay. Not quite to the AMAZING level yet. :slight_smile: I was a little more conservative with the temperature than I think I needed to be and my seasoning talents really need to be developed… I might get kicked off the forum if I confide the extent to which I rely on a certain seasoned salt. Anyway, thanks again for the info - it does help.

Thanks @Ember. I really appreciate the link and info. I am analytical by nature and I love a good chart! Drowning in the details just makes it that much better. Work is insanely busy right now, so I hadn’t had time to do more than a cursory review before making my first two dishes. Additionally, the main issue for me is getting over the feeling of intimidation which does not make complete logical sense. My head gets it, the rest of me is just catching up.

@LoralieF - the texture part of it is a big concern for me too. I think I can get over it, but similar to you, my husband will be the tricky one. Again - more heresy on my part, but I am a member of the well-done crowd. I want to experiment more with cooking the food less like I do when I go out, but it is still a hard line for me to cross.

Also, I believe a food saver is in my near future. I work way too hard to seal my bags with the immersion method. I know it isn’t that difficult, but I am just one of those people who have to sit and look at it and wonder whether I could have gotten more air out before I get water inside with my food.

I did not do any research on this before requesting it as a gift for Christmas. I had read about it the prior year in an article that was suggesting technology gifts and was intrigued. I had been frustrated for years at the crappy chicken I cooked when I had eaten some amazingly moist ones at restaurants. I knew it was possible, and was convinced this would do it for me. It sounds like I was right about that and look forward to reading more with the links provided and searching out some of those videos you mentioned.

Nothing wrong with well done if that’s what you like. At least now your well done doesn’t have to be overdone. It can actually be done well.

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Nice quotable quote! :slight_smile:

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Very good quote. I do look forward to making exquisite meals. I’ve already learned a lot from the community and imagine that it will only get better as I continue to explore.