Why was my octopus overcooked?

This weekend I used my new Anova precision wifi for the first time. I made octopus with garlic, persil, some salt and olive oil in a sous vide bag, with a temperature of 154,5 F (68 C) for 8 hours. Since I had only 7 hours available I increased the temperature 1 degree C in de last 3/4 hour.
The octopus tentacles were quite firm and not soft/tender.
Is this because I cooked to long of was the temperature too high?

Toughness usually is a sign of underdone rather than overdone with sous vide. However, I have to admit that octopus is a little out of my sous vide experience.

Almost certainly undercooked. See this recipe, which calls for 4-5 hours at 200F (93C).


This is my go to for octopus https://youtu.be/btjMg4dhApM

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Thank you all for the replies to my question. Initially my impression was that I should not cook at a high temeprature if I wanted a very tender octopus. Based on recipies I found on the internet I did choose for 8 hours at 68C. You replies indicate at least that I should use a higher cooking temperature the next time. Whether that should be 77C for 5 hours or 93C for 5 hours will be the question. It is quite a difference in advice. Trial and error will tell.

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