Octopus, seeking advice

I picked up a +/- 4 pound octopus (frozen, raw, uncleaned) yesterday and plan on SV’ing it tomorrow. Octopus is rarely seen around here outside of some Greek, Italian or Japanese restaurants so I order it whenever it’s available. I’ve never attempted one at home so I was hoping that I can get some real-world experiences from people who have made this successfully. Most internet recipes are in the 77-80C range for 3-6 hours. Does this sound reasonable? Should the octopus be marinated first or possibly sealed with some EVOO, herbs, lemon juice, white wine, etc.?


Hey @Seven333!

I just got this tip from @ChefNicole “I had an idea for an Octopus salad using the SV method. I could never get it right until a Chef Friend gave me his technique (whole, double bagged, 80 degrees C for 12 hours) it came out perfect!”

I am not sure about the marinade, but I would also recommend you recommend you take a look at our recipe here: https://anovaculinary.com/sous-vide-octopus/

Hope that helps, and let me know if you have anymore questions!