Silky Octopus

Very nice fail free octopus.
If you buy fresh octopus you can freeze it before bagging. This will stop the moisture getting into your vacume machine.
After the octopus is frozen bag it.
Warm the water-bath to 77 degrees Celsius.
Cook for 6 hours.
Disperse the bag under cold water to cool.
You will now have ⅓ octopus meat and ⅔ bouillon.

Get a bowl ready and cut of a corner of the bag that is on one of the top corners. Slowly reverse the bag and pour the bouillon into the bowl.
Cut the bag open and remove the meat onto a cutting board lined with a paper towel.
Let the octopus and the bouillon cool down completely. Put plastic rap over the cold bouillon and place in the fridge.
Remove the paper towel from under the meat and cut the tentacles in bitesize pieces.

Mix garlic, smoked paprika powder, salt and olive oil in a bowl.

Mix the pieces of octopus with the olive oilmixture and fry in a skillet on high heat.
Guaranteed succes!

Don’t throw away the bouillon! It will serve as a perfect base for fish soup or in Paella to cook your rice in. Taste it before use. It can be salty so if you use it you can adjust salt to taste in your recipe.


Nice! Thank you so much for sharing. :slight_smile: