Wild Canada goose and wild Mallard duck w/ orange ginger glaze

If you’re an avid hunter like me you’ll realize there aren’t too many sous vide recipes made specifically for wild meat, especially wild (Canada) goose and wild (Mallard) duck.

After looking around for some tips on how to cook both kinds of meat I decided to try the following: wild Canada goose @ 60°C / 140°F for 6 hours and wild Mallard duck @ 60°C / 140°F for 2 hours. I would like to confirm with everyone that this turned out great!

Both types of meat were seared first, vacuum sealed then sous vide with no herbs or spices added to the bag. I whipped up an orange ginger glaze to drizzle on top of both and it paired perfectly!

So in conclusion:

Mallard Duck:
60°C / 140°F for 2h

Canada Goose:
60°C / 140°F for 6h

Glaze recipe:
1 cup of orange juice, 1 in³ of grated ginger, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp honey, 1/2 tsp worcestershire. Reduce until thick and syrupy.

If anyone else has experience sous vide-ing wild duck or goose I’d love to hear how you cook it!


Sounds amazing. Duck is my absolute favorite. I usually SV the breasts around ~130F, and then I do the legs at 167F for 12 hours, submerged in some of the fat for a confit result. It’s incredible.

Thanks for the info! You mentioned cooking the legs for 12 hours @ 167°F / 75°C but didn’t mention how long you cook the breasts for @ 130°F / 55°C; 12 hours as well? You also mention using the fat, I’m guessing this is a nice plump farmed duck you’re working with?

Oh, sorry!Breasts for 1-2 hours. Ya, these are American farmed ducks. Lots of fat to render off.