Wine Chiller

I haven’t tried this, but I’m pretty sure it would work. Set up Anova in an ice bucket or other tall container, add a bottle of wine and fill container with ice and water. Set Anova to 32F and let the circulator run to chill the bottle. Moving water will chill the bottle much faster than still water


Sounds li9ke a plan to me. Let us know how it works.

We chill our wine at the office with the Anova - works like a charm!

So…You guys drink while you work huh? Can you send me a job app. I’m an experienced bartender. :dizzy_face:

Haha. More like after work.

It only takes about 10 minutes to chill a wine bottle to the correct temp in an ice bath. Seems like a like you’ll spend more setting up the Anova than you’ll save in chilling time.

Yes, perhaps 10 minutes is correct for chilling to serving temperature (49-55F for white), although it seems a bit quicker than my own experience with ice and water alone. With a sous vide however, you can maintain that temperature as long as you like by dropping in the occasional ice cube or two.