Warming Sake to perfect temperature!

I have just found another use for my Anova, warming Sake!
I like my Futsu-shu just above 45deg C and now I can get it spot on every time! I leave the bottle(s) in the 50deg Anova heated pot and refill the smaller serving bottle from them. The sake is then the perfect temperature to drink. No more spending time in the kitchen guarding the bottles to make sure they do not get too hot. I put the bottle in a plastic bag that I tie around the bottle neck so the paper label does not come off and mess up my Anova. One more reason to get an Anova! :slight_smile:


This is a really awesome idea! I haven’t thought of this. Makes me want to pick up a couple of bottles of sake to warm them up the right way. :wink:

Thanks for the tip!

You could also warm the sake pot in there as well so it does not draw off the heat when you pour it from the bottle. I would have 2-3 waiting in reserve.

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I’ve not used it with sake, but I do use it for mulled wine and cider and warm mead. No more fears about overheating.

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@Ember I wasn’t familiar with the term “mulled wine,” I had to look that up! Big wine-o here! From the description I’ve read, it seems similar to something like sangria (which I am more familiar with). Looks really good, I need to try that out.

It’s a spiced warm wine. The German’s do a similar mix under the Gluhwein label. The Brits also spice a warmed cider for winter consumption too.

Hi, how long from a room temp bottle to a heated ready to drink product ?