Woohoo! Out’ a’ da park! SV London broil , SV Brussels sprouts, white potatoes baked.

I had planned to serve 1/3 of our London Broil yesterday. We had bought it previously and divided it and vacuum bagged it.

I SV 135ºF for 12 hours yesterday, but meanwhile bicycled almost 40 miles with Milady Wife 83 y.o. and that was enough for a day. So I stopped it in an ice bath and set it aside for today.

Yesterday we celebrated Spring and a really nice bike ride with dinner out at our favorite local Italian.

Today we rode 15 miles gently and discussed dinner. Lunch was tomato sammiches, sliced tomatoes on white bread with mayonnaise (traditionally Wonderbread, Duke’s Mayo, John’s Island, SC tomatoes).

Dinner was broiled Brussel’s sprouts SV 1 hour @ 185ºF with a smashed garlic clove, a tablespoon of bacon fat, a glug of avocado oil, and a Gevoli weight (that worked great). When the potatoes came out of the oven, I turned it to broil and broiled the BS about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, I drained the london broil and waited on the big skillet that was sautéing the mushrooms. I poured the juices into a small skillet with a glug of oil, bacon fat, 1/2 Cup red wine and a tablespoon baidu sauzon from Chef Ricky - and did a reduction sauce.

When I could have the big skillet, I finished the london broil and sliced it thin.

There was nothing plated. On the table were two baked white potatoes, sliced london broil, sautéed mushrooms, broiled Brussels sprouts, butter, sour cream, reduction sauce, water and Pinot Noir.

Milady Wife is skeptical of beef that is not gray, but was complimentary of SV London Broil. I’ll do it again. Tomorrow, Monday, we’ll have left overs from Saturday night, doggie-bagged. My routine at home (we are vacationing) is to clean house on Mondays, so I will vacuum tomorrow at least.

Edited to add: I make my own sparkling water, Sodastream tap water. Very often sparkling tap water is pretty blah. Here, Floral City, the city water is quite Florida-ish, that makes a nice flavored sparkling water.