Ziplock bags filling with water

The last 3 times I used ziplock bags the bags filled with water and essentially ruined my super. Each time I pulled the bag out of the pot the water from the bag was draining very slowly from one of the bottom corners of the bag. I’m thinking the seal let go and an extremely small hole developed. Has anybody else experienced this with ziplock bags? Prior to these 3 times I used ziplock bags two other times with no water issues. The leaky bags came from a different box but when I filled them with water to test they didn’t leak water so they are coming apart while cooking. Now I’m struggling to trust ziplock bags for anything.

When I use Zip Lock type bags I always make sure I get the freezer ones. The light weight ones have been problematic for people.

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iOS, three times, you certainly are persistent! This has happened to many others here over the past few years and most used the wrong bag quality.

John’s right, there’s a substantial different in bag quality, get the Zip-Loc “freezer” bags, not storage bags. I’ve never had a problem with the best quality freezer bags. Just be sure to double check that you have completely engaged the seal before submerging.

Large enough bags that you can hang over the edge of the container and hold with a clip could be better. This would mean that the zip lock seal is not in the water and therefore can’t fail.

I bought a vacuum sealer which I find really useful for stopping frost burn on meat in the freezer, so I use it for sealing food for sous vide cooking. I can even put a second seal on either or both ends if I want extra security (not needed so far, even for 6 hour cooking of whole chicken).

It is probably best to either use the freezer zip lock bags or got to vacuum sealing.