50 hour brisket

Bought a beautiful piece of brisket at Stop and Shop. It was pre-seasoned. Anyway, cooked it at 135 for 50 hours. It was so tender we had a hard time getting it out of the bag without falling apart. We made 5 Ruben Sandwiches (Jewish Cuban sandwich) with Swiss cheese, coleslaw, Russian dressing and Levy’s real Jewish seedless rye. There was not a slice of brisket left. A few weks ago I made a Half pork loin and the same thing happened. Everything got eaten. Now I don’t know about anyone else out there, but nothing gives me greater satisfaction than to cook something that everyone enjoys. My Anova Sous Vide is my favorite cooking toy. Nothing makes better food…It is my go to device. With my Anova Sous Vide, Katz’s got nothing on my corned beef. I think mine is even better which was something that I thought was impossible. I highly recommend it


I like mine tender but not falling apart more like the traditional corned beef. I cook it at 180° for 12 hours. Corned beef turns out well at a variety of times and temperatures. Finding the one you and your guests like is the important thing.


I’m new to my Anova. Really? It’s safe to cook meat for 12-50 hours??

Really, it is.

Judig, if you have some SV food safety concerns you should refer to the following useful link:


Can’t really call it a Jewish Cuban if there’s (dairy) Swiss cheese on it. You’d need something vegan.

Can’t really call it Vegan if there’s (meat) brisket in it. You’d need tofu. :wink:

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No, I never said the dish could be called vegan. Jewish dietary law prohibits combining meat and dairy, so the only way this would be a Jewish Cuban would be to use a non-dairy cheese substitute.

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The Ruben is a Jewish invention. It doesn’t follow religious law, but neither does any Christian I ever met. It isn’t Kosher, and neither are many people.