570P Fault Code

Trying to learn more about the fault code 570P. Just got my new Anova Sous Vide and it faulted out 10 mins before my food was done. Browsing the internet, I don’t see anything close to the attached fault code.

Has anyone else experienced this since I can’t get anyone on the phone at Anova? See attached pic for reference.

Contact Anova support.

Email: support@anovaculinary.com
Phone: 1 (855) 421-8282

Best of luck!

Did a quick search myself. What you see on the display could be trying to represent “STOP”.- and I found the following…


  • The water fan on the bottom of the unit is stuck.
    • Remove the bottom cap by giving it a twist clockwise, remove any obstructions, and reattach the bottom cap.

Fingers crossed that this resolves your problem!!!

@Mirozen, I checked that as well. Took it apart and there was nothing in the pump. Can’t get a hold of anyone over there. Seems to be same for many. I got a useless text from rep there that did absolutely nothing.

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Well for me, in the last month, I’ve gone through 3 count them 3 Anova pro models. I just returned the third one today and bought a joule. Should have been on this site way before I went into this month long waste of time.

Hi @Chris2788,

Dang! I wonder what’s up with the quality control on that new model! I’ve now had my WiFi model for two and a half years (it’s in the kitchen right now cooking a couple racks of baby back ribs) and my Nano for a year and a half and use both regularly. I’ve had no problems with either of them. Good luck with the Joule. From what I’ve read it’s doesn’t seem to have any more problems on average than other sous vide cooker brands, though it does have it’s share as well. If I hadn’t gone with the Anova I would probably have gotten a Joule, but I hate the idea of having to rely on connectivity to my phone and the Joule app for the basic operation of my cooker! The on device controls were a big selling point for me.

Best of luck with your new device!

Sorry to hear that buddy. Seems like their customer service has taken a major hit during these times. At the very least I would have assumed that people are working from home, but doesn’t seem to be the case.

I just used mine the second time last night and had issues with the timer. Was able to get it corrected, and made the best damn rib eye that I’ve ever cooked. Cut like butter, but intend to monitor the device over the next few uses. Please update this thread once you receive feedback from them as I hopeful that I don’t have to go down this same road.

From what I’ve gathered, everyone starts off with the Anova then switches to Joule. They seem to be indestructible.

I’ll give Anova another chance in a few years. Let them get this under control, and try again. The pro model was heavy, felt expensive, and circulated a lot of water. Just didn’t work. First one I got, the motor started ticking at the end of a 24 hour cook. The second one, the screen didn’t work out of the box. The third one wanted me to fill the water level even though it was an inch and a half above the min line. Anova tech guys/gals just told me to send it back, send it back, send it back. I want to cook with the damn thing, not have it traveling through the mail my entire warranty.

I mean hey, at least they are receptive when replacing the unit. Fourth one’s a charm!

Whenever my Anova’s eventually wear out I can’t see switching to a Joule…that requirement for Bluetooth connectivity to a phone, and requiring use of an app for basic operation is pretty much a deal breaker for me. There are too many reports of people having connectivity issues with their Joules for me to get a “warm fuzzy” feeling towards it! But that’s just my take on it. For those that don’t mind that dependency I hear it is a quality unit.