No LED display, flickering blue light on temp. wheel, no heat

Shortly after I began a cook with my Anova Sous Vide the other day, the LED display went out and the light on the temperature wheel began blinking and the cook stopped. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and all seemed OK, but a few hours later, the same thing happened. Since then, all I get is the blinking blue light on the wheel and no LED display. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Can I replace the heating element?

I would contact support especially if it is still within the warranty.

I would second talking with support.

It sounds like an electrical issue to me, could be simple or it could need the whole unit to be replaced.

Start with Anova support, the support there has been great to me when I had an issue.

If you are out of luck (no support/warranty), there was one user that took his apart to bypass the water level shutoff (long continuous beep). You could use that for some insight of how it is taken apart or what it looks like inside.

Thanks for the information. I found the email address for support yesterday and have contacted them. They replied promptly and asked for a video.

Hi, what was your temperature setting? Early on in my learning how to use the sous vide tool, I had to keep steam away from the vents, which are behind and below the display; if you look straight at the display, I refer to the vents on the back side, perhaps a couple of inches down. I either angle the vents away from the pot and/or tie a napkin to cover the vents. I learned about this cooking at around 180F, after several minutes the display was going haywire. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. I actually was cooking at 180. We were planning to do a 24-hour slow cook on a roast beef. That said, I tried it over a week or so and never got the display to work again- just the blinking light on the temp scroll wheel. I finally just ordered a new sous vide. We have well water that has calcium and I wonder if the calcium damaged it. It had a slight buildup on the heating elements, which came right off with a vinegar soak, but I wonder if it got into the unit elsewhere. Now I’m wondering if I need to run it in a vinegar solution periodically to keep the calcium from building up. I’d had the sous vide for 5 years or more and never thought to do that.