8quarts of water, at 186 F

I’m heating 8 quarts (about 7.75 liters) of water to 186 degrees Fahrenheit (85 C). It’s taking about 45 minutes.
Not sure what the water temperature was coming out of the tap.
I’m using the Rubbermaid 12qt container I got on Amazon.

Rubbermaid 12 quart container.

Does this amount of time sound reasonable to heat this amount of water?


yes, it sounds reasonable. The higher the temp and the lower the watts available to heat the water, the longer it will take. 186° is rather high for anything sous vide, so i do not expect that amount of time to be unusual.

P * t = 4.2 * L * T / 3600

So, if you’re using the Nano (750W?) and the water started at 20, then it’s totally reasonable.

E.g. 0.75 * 45 / 60 ≈ 4.2 * 7.75 * (85 - 20) / 3600 = 0.5877

I like to heat the water to temperature on the stove. If doing a large volume, heat water to boiling then add cold water to reduce to temperature desired.

Any reason why not use from the hot water tap instead?
It’s around 125-130 to start with…I usually have been doing that for years…

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I agree with heating the water first. I have a nano and it maintains temp really well, but getting there takes a long time, so I heat it up to the approximate temp, then dump the water into my container and either let the unit take it the rest of the way up, or add ice to cool it down.

Well, our sink gets to about 115F. So I’ll use that, instead of 75F degree tap water. But I won’t go through the trouble to use the stove to heat it another 20 or 30 degrees for my SV.
Also, say I’m SV’ing at 150… I won’t worry about throwing my meat straight in at 115F and if it takes 15 or 20 minutes to heat to 135 or 150, so be it.
IMP experience, SV is just really forgiving with stuff like this.