Absence of support. Light fitting - gasket disintegrated. Stinks and makes food taste bad.

When I bought my oven I put it through the initialising stage and noted that it had a bit of a burning-plastic smell.
When Anova send me a ‘how did we do’ e-mail, I mentioned it to them and was told that it would be passed to support. No one contacted me, and the smell, while still there was accepted as the normal smell of the oven.
I have used the oven many times, and always there is a whiff of burned plastic.
A week ago I placed an unwrapped 500 gram block of butter in a bowl in the oven to soften to room temperature - without switching the unit oven on.
Subsequently, when I used the butter it tasted foul. Particles of disintegrated gasket had fallen on it and tainted it.
On Sunday this week the bulb blew and I tried to change it. Three of the four screws were nice and tight, the fourth came out far too easily.
When I removed the stainless frame of the light fitting, a heap of filthy black detritus came with it.
The sealing gasket was perished. It is so gunked up that I am unable to remove the glass lens of the lamp cover. (Not without forcing it.) It seems like it is welded in.
I have tried to contact Anova support several times but all they do is repeatedly close the case. In four days there has been zero tangible contact from them about this issue.
The oven is unusable.
Has anyone else experienced these issues with the oven and support?

Hey John, so sorry about the delay, we are happy to assist. Can we get a ticket # and we can take a look?

No problem.

The ticket number is: 745997

I did have contact yesterday, but am waiting for a solution.


Just to update the thread:
Anova has been in contact and are going to replace the oven.
This is great service!

Happy to help, John!