Add cheese to hamburger pattie.

Can i add cheese nibbles to hamburger mixture before sousvideing? I want to add already cooked bacon bits and cheese bits to hamburger as I make the patties. Will it work?

Of course you can add anything you want to in your hamburger mix.

I am not familiar with the ingredients cheese nibbles and cheese bits, but if they are natural cheese products they will likely melt and migrate out of the meat mixture as it cooks.

Have you considered using cheese as toppings for your cooked hamburgers?

Be mindful that minced beef is a potentially contaminated product and should be cooked at a safe combination of time and temperature, particularly if you make thick patties.

Depends on how well done you like your burger. If you’re cooking your burgers at a temperature for medium or medium-rare doneness <145F, a firm hard cheese like aged cheddar will work fine in the mix. If you want well done >160F, no point using sous vide. Most cheeses will melt out at that temperature unless you use the high temperature cheeses that sausage makers use. As for cheese nibbles (processed?), drop some in a ziplock and into a water bath at the temperature you plan to use and see if they melt into a mess.