Alcohol essence

Buy a bottle of Bourbon essence or Rum etc. from any homebrew shop & add a few drops to any meat with another marinade then vac pack overnight. You can brine pork or beef or chicken the same way.
I inject marinade into large Brisket etc. then vac pack overnight then unpack & smoke 2 hours and then re vac pack
If you have a chamber you can liquid vac pack but the bench top models don’t like much liquid
To make ham, use any cut of pork (loin or Boston butt best), rub a little Bourbon essence on then apply ¼ cup salt, ½ cup brown sugar & mixed spices of your choice. Hard vac pack & keep in the bottom of a cold fridge for 5 days, turning bag daily. You can Sous Vide simmer in the bag & then smoke or depending on how much you brine the meat, remove from bag and simmer. I tend to grind up pickling spice mix on the day I use them and keep my spice stocks in the freezer.
Cheers from Hervey Bay QLD OZ

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Thanks for sharing this with us! :slight_smile: