Alcohol Infusion

I want to infuse cactus fruit into tequila.
I’d figure I’d use mason jars.


  1. temp & time?
  2. Will this work as pasteurization extending shelf life?

Another poster did a whole slew of infused alcohols, there should be some tips on time, temp and processes in his post

As for pasteurization, nah, temp will likely be too low, but it’s a low risk infusion.

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60C (or whatever the F equivalent is) seems to be a good working temp. It’s not hot enough to risk the alcohol but is warm enough to speed the maceration process. I work on 2 hours for spicing rum or mulling wine/mead/cider. Longer will give stronger flavours.

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I like making chili tomato vodka for Blody Marys. 150F for 4 hours works for me.

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I use 170ºF and infuse according to most other recipes regarding cooked veggies, ≈1–2 hours. Alcohol boils at 173ºF so I figure keeping it below 170ºF is ideal to prevent the bag from bloating with alcohol vapor.