Another heating unit failure

The heating element in my Anova went out after very little overall use. I’m pretty frustrated as I had a big dinner planned tonight and it failed to work.

I checked the fuse. It’s fine. Sidenote: if you say that an extra fuse is included, it might be good to actually include it.

How do I go about getting this fixed?

@clinfix Oh no, we’re so sorry to hear this - do you have the 110v or the 220v? We’d like to get you taken care of right away.

I have the 110V one. Do I need to send it in or is it something you guys can guide me through fixing on my own?

@clintfix The 220V has an extra fuse included but unfortunately, the 110V doesn’t. We’ll need to replace the unit.

Our returns team will get this taken care of quickly. Would you mind filling out a return request? This can be done here: