Anova Android app on Chromebook

For what it’s worth, I was able to use the Anova Android App on my Asus C202S Chromebook, which recently updated to support Android apps.

It’s still the kludgy phone interface but I’m less worried about something happening to a $250 CAD Chromebook in the kitchen than the more expensive (in Canadian dollars) iPhone or iPad Pro.

Heh…I’m thinking of batter-covered fingers and that keyboard on your chromebook. :slight_smile:

Chrome’s running Android apps inside an emulator…it’s ok, but it has the potential to be problematic in the future.

You could always keep an eye on kijiji for used iPads…pick up a cheap one and throw a water resistant durable case on it, so you can use it with gunky hands in the kitchen. :slight_smile:

It’s one of those “use the best tool at hand”. The old iPad Mini 1G, which I normally use for the APC, is sitting in the kitchen at “the other house” right now. But I have the Chromebook along with my newer phone and iPad Pro with me.

I’m in tech support and was curious to see the APC app would work as users are often asking if the software I support would run in Chromebooks.

The Asus 202s is also a “ruggedized” Chromebook for use in K-12 schools and students with “messy fingers”. :wink: