Anova is proud to announce our new partnership with (RED)!

For every (ANOVA)ᴿᴱᴰ Precision® Cooker purchased, we’re contributing funds to support the fight against global health emergencies like COVID and AIDS. Learn more → Project Red | Anova Culinary


Look great and an amazing cause :fist::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Great to hear.

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Would prefer to see acres of Amazon “the lungs of the world” & a major carbon sink partnership preservation of land as that helps everyone & everything planet wide TBH, I feel that RED is too gimmicky (& possibly management cost heavy)

Whilst thinking, what is the carbon footprint of the Anova Sous vide units? we know they are frugal in energy use (used properly) but more green detail on both construction & saving potential in a variety of scenarios would not go amiss to reinforce what i’m always trying to get across to people when choosing products & brands.

(my water for sous vide is from when i’m flushing pipes for a fresh cup of tea, that typically lasts 7 days, then is used for dry plants / mop water scrubbing down outside with bleach in the dogs run)
The pot the anova sits in is from one of our instant-pots.
The silicone lid (with self sealing cut out also instant-pot)
The insulation the pot sits on is an off cut from a skip, cleaned up & sealed with aluminium tape.

Bags I use tend to be licked clean by our dog, washed then recycled, the bag is the part I have a problem with.

In terms of low energy in use to defrost & cook I simply cannot praise it enough.
Just changed from gas (hob) finishing steaks to induction, more savings (induction has come down in price if you deign to look, or if you want to try a single / double hob that is portable get yourself to ikea)

Makes us feel a bit better about a hunk of steak from farm to plate.