Anova Lock Up

Been trying to sous vide this weekend and having some issues. I set the temp at 77C (octopus tentacles) and the sous vide races up to the temp. It beeps and then seems lock up I shut it down (after I’ve noticed the lockup), plug it in again, and now the temp is 85 C. This also happened with salmon and by the time I notice the lockup, the pot is up to 140 F instead of the 129 setpoint. This is not good - sous vide demands predictability. What’s going on with this thing?

@JimSueMaddocks I’m so sorry to hear your device is causing issues for you - sounds like it’s gone a little haywire. Have you tried re-calibrating? This may not be the issue so if it’s not the case, could you email our support team at We’d be happy to issue you a replacement device.