What a POS

Just got this and excited to try. So far, just problems:

  1. Would not heat past 185F
  2. Ap disconnected and had to restart both the cooker and my tablet to get to work again
  3. Have STOP message that won’t go away (water can is not blocked)

Oh yeah - and it came with only French instructions

Where did you buy it? Might have something to do with the French instructions.

Other than that, you could try looking at the FAQs in the Support section (top right menu) for troubleshooting ideas.

Most items do not require temperatures higher than 185F for cooking.

If the item is not working properly contact Anova Support on support@anovaculinary.com.

185F is VERY high for sous vide cooking. I’ve been cooking with mine for over three years and never had a recipe go that high. If you do want to cook at high temps, it’s critical to cover and, ideally, insulate your container, else it loses heat faster than the sous vide can add it (plus, you’ll waste tons of electricity in the process).

The Anova will also shut down if too much steam gets into the cooking unit, which can happen at higher temps, especially is the water isn’t covered. That may be your Stop message issue.

Hi JoshK.
What model Anova did you get… the pro? Curious as I have issues with my newly acquired pro and wondering if I should try for replacement or get money back altogether and try another sous vide company.

I’ve probably done about 80 SV cooking’s in the last 9 months, and I think the hottest I’ve ever went was 158. Typically 135 F.

A temperature as high as 185F is typically reserved for cooking fruit and vegetables as this is the temperature at which pectin denatures.

Hmmm…, let me see…

OP says "Anova will not heat water beyond 185 ºF (85 ºC) and “STOP message that won’t go away”.

How does either response address the OP’s original problem, or address the fact that the OP’s Anova is nowhere near advertised specifications?

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Dan, are you still with us?

18 days without a response might indicate problem solved. If so, it would be helpful to know how.

Was merely pointing out to @Fishchris that there are valid reasons for one to be cooking around 185F.

As previously stated, there is need for the OP to contact Anova support. If the device is faulty, it should be replaced as it has a 2 year warranty.

Yes, I’ve heard about that. Just seems odd to me that a person would buy a SV machine to do primarily fruits and veggies… Well, I mean I guess if they were a vegetarian… but then, vegetarians seem odd to me too :slight_smile: lol

I only started doing SV “because” I’m a keto guy who eats TONS of meat, mostly red !