Anova makes a clicking sound when I plug it in

I took the ANOVA out of the box, set it up like normal, plugged it in, and it just sits there and makes a clicking sound. I cannot connect to it and the display is dark.

Any ideas?

Is the unit running, and does it have water past the min mark?

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Definitely sounds like you have a defective unit. You should contact support.


Does not run. No display. Just sits there and makes a clicking sound. Water was above the minimum line.

I would agree with @fischersd. Exchange it and get a working unit.

DJ, your outreach to the Community of Anova users might not resolve your lamentable situation other than elicit sympathy.

You could be more successful in resolving your problem by contacting Anova Support with your message and provide the Anova employees with as much specific product information as you can.

Good luck.

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Already put in the ANOVA request, but knew I wouldn’t get assistance yesterday (Christmas). I was hoping that someone else had encountered the problem and that there was a quick fix.

None came. But it was worth a shot.


Good to now DJ, thank you.

I hope it’s just sleeping and not dead.

@Deejay13 so what happened later? Looks like I have the same issue you described.