Anova Malfunction- water won't stop heating making ribs.

Ok, so i went to make baby back ribs last night. 9 hours at 165 degrees. Put them in at 1130 pm, wake up at 7 am and go check to see how they were doing. The temp gauge was set at 165, and the water temp was 195!! WTF. So i immediately took my bags out, dumped the water and refilled with cold water and a few ice packs. I guess we’ll see if my ribs are falling off the bone or disintegrating when i sauce them and finish them on the grill.
But has that happened to anyone else with the temp going that high? Took the cover off, no residue on the probes that i could see and the little propeller spun freely also.
Have 2 Steaks to make for this meal later, don’t really want to babysit them either.

Lb, OK, there have been a few reported incidents here similar to last night’s unfortunate experience. It might be more helpful to you to contact Support, the Anova support people who can assist you. Community is just us users.

Good luck.

The Cat speaks truth! Contact support. While this behavior seems to be a rare occurrence it is not unknown.
Support should be able to help resolve your problem…and please post here again to let us know how things turn out.

I would try a pot with just water to see if it was a fluke or if something is wrong before you try the steaks. I have not seen this issue with either of my units so I am not much help.

i ran it for 15 minutes with some CLR at 135…no issues…rinsed it all out and did 2 London Broils at 135 for about 5 hours…Awesomeness. Hoping it was just a glitch.
The ribs were VERY SLIGHTLY dry, but no one complained and there weren’t that many left. All in all i’ll take it as a win and a lesson learned.