Anova Nano not heating

Hi guys,

First of all, Im quite new to this kind of cooking.

So that being said, I bought an Anova Nano but its doesn’t seem to be heating up. The water stays at the same temperature (80.6 - 80.8 f) it doesn’t goes up.

I tried several power outlets and got the same response from the nano. I even tried to heat up the water first and then insert the nano into the container but got the same result.

Any help?



After plugging in the Nano, did you also hit the start/play button? Is the unit circulating the water at all?

Emailing Anova’a customer service would be a good place to start


Yes I pressed the start/play button and the water circulates perfectly.



Okay, just wanted to be sure. Alright, sounds like your unit is not working like it should. I’d definitely email us at We’ll help you out.

Edit: solved.