Anova Nano timier problem - won't count down

Brand new Nano, second time using it.

The symptomps are that after I set target temperature and timer the temperature raises to the target, but the timer does not start count down. I tried setting it vian the Android App. I also tried to disconnect the Blutooth, and doing manually on the device, after powering on/off several times. No matter what, the timer goes down by a second or two and stop.

It seems that this started happening after the low liquid warning.

Is there any way to ‘reset’ the device? it does NOT seem to be related to the Android app, since even if I disconnect it, the timer still does not work!

Ready to return – welcome any help!

Hey, I think I see your inquiry with us at support. We’ll be sure to follow-up with you on this and get this resolved.

Edit: solved.