Anova One On/Off Switch failure

The On/Off switch on my Anova One has failed. When I press the switch, the unit stays on only while the switch is depressed, but when I release the switch the unit turns off rather than remaining on.

I called Anova support and they had no suggestions. The unit is out of warranty, and Anova doesn’t provide repairs or replacement parts.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know of a fix?

While they may not provide replacement parts, I’d ask them if they could give you the part numbers to search for. You’d be amazed what you can find online…

And, if you have a buddy that tears electronics down, I’m sure they could find an alternative switch that would suffice.
Failing that, ask around for a highly recommended electronics repair shop - just about any of them should be able to figure out a solution for you (the first two suggestions will save you more $) :slight_smile:

Good suggestions, thanks, although I couldn’t get Anova’s front line support to provide anything technical like a part number. And nothing turned up in an an online search. I may try a local electronics shop, though.

Just a suggestion…make sure you find out what they will charge to look at it - it may not even be worth letting a local shop check it out unless they will do so for free - or at least cheap. There are a lot of places that will charge $50 or so just to check it out - and some might not tell you until after they have done so. (Just play it safe!)