Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi EU seems to have arrived broken

I just opened my package from Anova with my shiny new Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi. When I unpacked the cooker from its protective sleeve I saw a gap between the shell of the plastic top part - I can see cables and electronics through this gap (see attached pictures). I suppose this is not normal and I should not use it?
I will send a support request also - just wanted to ask if someeone has seen this before?

Edit: hmm, can’t seem to upload images?
Edit2: Ok, resized them, now it works :slight_smile:

I would not use it until you have spoken to Support. You do not want water vapor anywhere near the electronics.

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It’s not supposed to look like that (obviously). Return it for a replacement.

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Yeah - I got an answer from Support and have filled out the return form. We’ll see how that goes.
Pity - was looking forward to suprising my wife with a perfect filet steak today. :sweat:

So… got a new Anova yesterday and it looked ok :wink:
Got that perfekt dry aged porterhouse steak and filet for my wife and cooked it to 54°C sous-vide and then seared it in my cast iron pan - what can I say - perfekt steak :smiley: with a little red onion marmalade and a salad

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