Anova precision Nano not heating

Hi there,
I have recently received an Anova Precision Nano as a gift from a friend from US. I managed to use it twice and worked like a charm. The third time, however the unit would not heat the water. It is only circulating it.

Since this is a Nano, i doubt it can be opened and have the fuse changed(if that is the issue).

Any advices? I have already contacted support and waiting for their response.
Maybe there’s a way to hard reset?
Thank you for your help.

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I would wait to hear from Anova support. Were you using a voltage converter?

No, i did have a plug converter from us to eu socket. But i believe we have the same voltage. I have used US socket products before without any power issues.
And the unit powers on, shows temperature, circulates water, just the heater element won’t work, for some reason.

With other devices I have heard of issues with converters. The voltage spikes have been known to damage more sensitive electronics. I am not saying that is definitely what happened just a possibility.

North America is 110/120V EU is 220V/230V.

A lot of converters are problematic for high amperage devices (such as coffee makers, hair dryers and your Anova Precision Cooker).

Your friend should have gotten you an EU unit - you’re likely only to have issues (and most appliance manufacturers won’t warrant their devices with 3rd party converters).

Also, the 110v/120v in North America is at 60 hertz frequency. The 220v/230v in Europe is at 50 hertz frequency. I’ve heard the frequency difference can make things problematic with some sensitive electronics.

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So, Anova Support replied, they will not support a replacement since what i did violated their warranty. Now, the question remains if using the 110/120V in a 220V socket has definitely fried something, or not, and if it did, what would be the first part to die - fuse?. the thing is that i was able to use it 2 times without any problem.

I would assume it would be the fuse to protect the other electrical components and avoiding fire or anything worse. So since the warranty is gone, how can i tear the nano apart? there is no screw visible anywhere to remove that plastic sleeve that’s over the heating coil. if i get that off without breaking anything i can then open up and check if the fuse is toast. Any nerdy engineering advice? Calling all DYIers :slight_smile: