ANOVA Precision Vacuum Sealer / Pro. Sauerkraut sous vide?

I have my first batch of traditional recipe sauerkraut brewing. Going on with my study I see concern of mold and its causes, one of which is allowing the vegetable shreds above the surface of the brine - exposed to air and oxygen.

Has anyone tried sauerkraut fermenting under vacuum to recommend it, please.

In any case I will try making fig vinegar under vacuum as soon as I can get some figs. I dearly love fig vinegar in soda water.

Anxious to hear results.

Do you have a fig vinegar recipe picked out? I found one here [Fig Balsamic Recipes Homemade with fresh figs | White on Rice Couple]
that I might try (I still have figs from last season in the freezer). I don’t think I will bother peeling.

No, not yet.

I am struggling to get fresh figs. I live on a remote Island. I went shopping buying on the mainland, Green Bay, yesterday, at a grocery that advertised Mission figs, but there were none.

I will probably bite the bullet and order from AmaXon, as I will for the white balsamic.

I will process two ways sous vide and sous pression, under vacuum and under pressure in my iSi whipper.

I have figs in my freezer from my harvest last year. I made the recipe (omitted vanilla, added a pinch of salt) in a small saucepan on my cooktop. It was easy and very good. I didn’t strain it or peel it. It was thick like a spread. I didn’t even notice the seeds.