Anova purchased by Electrolux

Electrolux buys sous vide machine maker Anova for $250 million - CNET
I wonder what changes we can expect?

Maybe a vacuum cleaner attachment?

Seriously though, congrats to the team at Anova for hitting the startup lottery jackpot. Hard work at a startup often doesn’t pay off. Hopefully everyone had good options packages.

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Reckon there was probably some partying in the Anova offices yesterday.

Will just have to wait and see what it means for the future.

Hey #anovafoodnerds! We are thrilled to be joining forces with Electrolux! We are looking forward to continuing to bring you the same customer experience, community engagement, and top-notch quality devices. Plus, as a larger worldwide family, we will be able to expand the breadth of amazing smart appliances we can bring you. This is news to celebrate for all of our #anovafoodnerd fam - Cheers! :grin:


Woot woot! Thank you–we couldn’t have done it without the food nerd fam. :eyeglasses:

@acs, we are going to be running just as we have, spreading the #anovafoodnerd love, and making sure everyone gets taken care of :slight_smile:


So, when can I expect my free tool for vacuuming up pet hair?

:grin: So happy to be uniting with Electrolux! Not to worry #anovafoodnerds we aren’t going anywhere! We are still going to give you killer recipes and great support. We love our food nerd family :heart:

Does this mean that your products will start to be sold in the “Electrolux Home” stores in Sweden?