Anova purchased with 120v used in the EU?

Hey all, sorry for the noob question, but I was given a gift certificate with, but I am located in europe and I am unable to transfer that credit to the shop.

So, I have to buy the anova from and it will ship to me, no problem. My question is though, can I safely plug the anova into a US to EU power adapter without frying out the Anova due to different voltage?

Thanks in advance


And followup question, if I buy the Anova from, is it possible for me to change the plug to 220v native? i.e. an accessory?

It’ll bust the unit - the 110v US units are meant to only be used with 110v input. You can use a transformer to bring it to the correct voltage (220v) but it does void the warranty and any potential damage caused isn’t something we can fix.

Hope that helps!

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