Anova Support not committing to a replacement unit delivery after defective unit was returned.

First let me start by stating that the precision cooker is my daily cooker and how I cook 99% of everything I eat.

On the 17th of Nov 2019 I opened a support ticket with the issue being my timer. The conversation went well and I was provided with a return label in timely manner. HOWEVER, this is where it goes downhill. Jona De Guzman gave me a Shipping label stating “Attached is your pre-paid UPS return label. Please attach it to any sized box that will fit your cooker and drop it off at your local UPS. Once UPS receives your unit, your replacement will be processed automatically. I’ll go ahead and close this request for the time being, but please let me know if you have any other questions I can help with!”

I printed the label and delivered to UPS on the 20th of Nov 2019. I then waited until the 27th of Nov 2019 (a day after UPS reported the item delivered to Anova In Mira Loma, CA) when I contacted support saying “I returned my anova and it was recieved by anova yesterday. I was told that a replacement would be shipped to me as soon as ups got the unit. Is there anyway I can get a tracking number? My request number is 564230.”

I was contacted again by Jona De Guzman and told “You’re replacement has already been processed to:


You’ll receive a confirmation email once the package leaves the warehouse.
If there’s anything else I can help you with, please do let me know.”

To this I responded that the address is missing my apartment number and the correct address is


To this I have had no reply and I don’t understand why I don’t have a tracking number. I was informed that Anova would ship my replacement when UPS received the unit. UPS received the unit 11 DAYS ago. On the Dec 4th WED 2019 that will be 2 weeks without Anova so much as sending a replacement much less saying ohh we are sorry for the 14 day delay in putting a shipping label on your product so UPS can pick it up and send it to you. Let us make that right. What can we do to make up for it. No just complete disregard for your client. At this point I am tempted to demand my money back and go buy a Joule!

Have you considered telephoning Anova Support so that this can be discussed in person?

I realise you are only venting here and not expecting any kind of response, but it might be worth actually speaking to a person regarding this problem.

Hmm. Thursday was a statutory holiday in the US, then there’s the weekend, and perhaps some places take off the Friday as well? Seems like the warehouse folks might not have got around to it yet…

When I had a problem with my original Bluetooth unit their support just had me shoot a video of the problem and promise that I’d take the defective unit to a recycling centre. Done.

Call me: Anova_didn’t_disappoint_me.

Can you read? I was supposed to receive a tracking number after dropping the unit off on the 20th!

I have called multiple times with no answer