Anova Wi -Fi

Hi everyone,

I have the old Anova, had it for quite a few years now, hasn’t missed a beat.
Converted one of my friends, she bought the Wi - Fi version. Had it three weeks used it maybe 4 times all okay.
Last night started it up set temp to 58 degrees put in protein & it just kept loosing temp.
After 20 min down to 51 degrees. At that point she gave up as she had guest arriving. Takeout :sob:
BTW she tried re- starting & re-pairing wi - fi as well.
Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Stu 575

As for the temperature drop, was the unit actually on? May be a weird question, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to press the play/start button. What specifically is wrong with the Wi-Fi?

Also a good idea to kill the app on her phone and try it just with the controls on the unit (eliminating the software from the equation for troubleshooting purposes).

If it’s just software, then you want to report it - but if the unit itself isn’t holding temp, then she has a dud.

Once she’s sure which it is, she should contact support (if it’s just buggy software then I’d just send them an e-mail, myself) :slight_smile:

Hi Alyssa,

Spoke with my friend, unit definitely on. Got to 58 degrees placed meat in got the initial minimal loss of temp as you do,
but just kept dropping down to 51 as I stated earlier.
Just repaired with Wi- Fi just in case it was fine though.

Hi All,

It is my unit that was mucking up last night.

I was not using the app. Only using the controls on the unit.

Hi fischerd,

thanks for the advise, I will let her know we can try this tonight & let you know the out come.